Photo by Masashi Kuma



どんなに時代が変わっても変わらないこと。 それを捉えて、世界の誰か1人と響き合うことができたら。

Photo by Masashi Kuma

Holding the needle in my hand, I thread it.
Then stick the needle where the thread should go, pass it through to the other side then back to the surface and repeat the process.
The thread softly embracing the atmosphere of the moment and indelibly sewn down.

Each stone or shell found in the sea or river carry with it a long story just like people.
I see the countless bumps, the colors and shapes, the light and shadows. During those moments, I le my endless imagination run free.
Liberated from emotions and intentions, it captures the connection with the world. I imbue what I discover into the thread and make it eternal.

When I am immersed in my work, I experience a sensation as if I am diving into a deep ocean trying to find treasure.
No matter how the generations change, some things never change. If I could but capture that and resonate with even person in the world, then it would be worth my while.